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Mare Versus Luxury Suites welcome you to the city of Barletta, an Italian municipality whose population is around 100.000 citizens. Barletta, together with Andria and Trani, is the capital of the province of Barletta-Andria-Trani in Apulia.

The municipal territory is part of the of Ofanto Valley basin withits ancient waterways that marks the frontier between Barletta and Margherita di Savoia.

The municipality of Barletta, which includes the hamlet of Canne della Battaglia, an archaeological site which testifies tothe historic battle won in 216 BC by Hannibal, has been recognized as one of the cities of art of Apulia in 2005 for its architectural beauty.

Mare Versus Luxury Suites are situated in a strategic position to make a visit to the city easy. Therefore, we recommend that you do not miss the opportunity to visit the monuments, the sites, the best museums of the city, after a relaxing hydro-massage and a delicious aperitif in the Swami Bar.

Mare Versus - Castello

Swabian Castle

Barletta Castle, erected by the Normans during the second half of the XIIth century, preserves the history of the city where in past centuries the “Disfida”took place.

The Angionis converted it from a manor into a fortress, whilst the Aragones, under Emperor Claudius Vth, strengthened its defences. Frederick the second included it as one of his castles of the ‘Giustizierato’ of the Terra of Bari.

Nowadays it hostsshows, exhibitions and cultural events. 


Address: Piazza Castello

Opening hours: from 10.00 to 20.00

Ticket price: € 6,00 Full € 3,00 Reduced

Free every first Sunday of the month

Tel. +39.0883.578620 

Mare Versus - Cantina della Sfida

Cantina della Sfida

This historic site is associated with the Disfida of Barletta. In this medieval inn took place the well-known French offensive against the Italians, which led to the glorious victory ofthe 13 knights.

On 13th February 1503, the Italian knights, led by Ettore Fieramosca challenged 13 French knights led by La Motte. The Disfida Inn is where the historical reconstruction of the knightly challenge starts. It recently celebrated its 500th anniversary and also accommodates exhibitions and shows, making it one of the most visited museumsin the town of Barletta. 


Address: Piazza della Sfida

Opening hours: from 10.00 to 20.00

Free entry 

Mare Versus - Cantina della Sfida
Mare Versus - Cattedrale di Santa Maria Maggiore

Cattedrale di Santa Maria Maggiore

The Church is not a single building. The two markedly distinct parts (Romanesque on the front side and Gothic on the rear side) show signs of long and irregular construction.

Recent archaeological excavations brought to light two different previous places of worship: a paleo-Christian basilica dating back to the Sixth century and an early medieval building. In addition to these, they found a pre-Roman subterranean area with numerous graves (“dromos”) dating back to the beginning of the Third century BC.


Address: Via Duomo

Open every day in worship hours

Free entry 

Mare Versus - Basilica del Santo Sepolcro

Basilica del Santo Sepolcro

The first mention of the Church of San Sepolcro dates back to 1061. The Church is situated at the intersection of two important streets, one for Canosa and the other for Salpi, linked to the Via Francigena where pilgrims walkedon the road to the Holy Land. Thus, it became a significant crossroads for the crusaders and the pilgrims who were accommodated and fed at the Pilgrim Hospice, next to the Church. 


Address: Corso Vittorio Emanuele

Open every day in worship hours

Free entry 

Mare Versus - Basilica del Santo Sepolcro

Greek Church of Santa Maria degli Angeli

Better known as the Church of the Greeks and situated in the heart of Barletta, this Church is the only example of a Greek church. Through the centuries, Barletta has accommodated numerous communities of Greeks, who have left an indelible imprinton the culture of Barletta, both in certain traditions and in buildings.

It is possible to visit it bybooking in advance, call 0883.578620 or 0883.578621


Address: via Madonna degli Angeli

Mare Versus - Teatro Curci

Curci Theatre

The Curci Theatre was officially opened on 6th April 1872 and represents one of the most successful models of neoclassical architecture in Apulia. Its elegant form and balanced proportions were inspired by the San Carlo Theatre in Naples. Do you want more information about the programme for the theatrical season? Visit http://www.teatrocurci.it http://www.teatrocurci.it


Address: Corso Vittorio Emanuele 21

Open every day

Free entry 

Mare Versus - Teatro Curci
Mare Versus - Palazzo della Marra

Palace della Marra

This Palace is a unique example of the aristocratic architecture of the city of Barletta. It provides space for the “Giuseppe De Nittis”Art Gallery, set up following the bequest of 172 paintings, pastels and engravings, offered to Barletta by De Nittis’ wife, Léontine Gruvelle.


Address: via Enrico Cialdini 74

Open every day from 10:00 to 13:00 and from 17:00 to 21:00

Ticket price: € 4,00 Full € 2,00 Reduced

Mare Versus - Eraclio

Colossus (Eraclio)

Eraclio is a bronze statue over 5 metres tall, depicting an emperor in military dress, standing before the Church of San Sepolcro in Barletta. It has been preserved in this city at least from 1309, as shown by an edict of Charles of Anjou (Carlo d’Angiò).

The statue dates back to the first half of the fifth century AD.


Address: Corso Vittorio Emanuele 

Mare Versus - Eraclio
Mare Versus - Porta Marina

Porta Marina

The Marine Gate of Barletta is situated in the square of the same name, next to the city walls.

The Gate, surmounted by a pointed arch,has been moved several time. Originally, it was located at the end of via Sant’Andrea. In the roundabout in the square, there might have been a well.


Address: Strada Marina Vecchia, 33

City walls

Barletta is surrounded entirely by walls, the only defensive element of the city since ancient times.

The walls were extended, both territorially and structurally, under the various dominations over the centuries. Nowadays, it is possible to visit the castle, the walls of the Carmine- the walls by the sea (“a mare”)- the bastion or the “Paraticchio” and Porta Marina.


Address: Via 16 Settembre, 6

Mare Versus - Pinacoteca De Nittis

Giuseppe de Nittis’ Pinacoteca

The first opening of the “Giuseppe de Nittis” Art Gallery, marked a historic day for the city of Barletta. It was set up in the wonderful Palace della Marra and since 1914, it has boasted the richest and most important collection of the paintings of the well-known artist, whose work embodies one of the highest moments of XIXth century art in Europe.


Address: Via Enrico Cialdini 53

Orari: 10.00/13.00 – 17.00/20.00 Chiuso: lunedì

Ticket price: € 4,00 Full; € 2,00 Reduced

Mare Versus - Canne della Battaglia

Archaeological Park of Canne della battaglia

This Park, situated a few kilometres away from Barletta, retains the stimulating atmosphere of the epic battle between the Romans and the Carthaginians in 216 BC. The Antiquarium arranged inside the Park is particularlyimportant and contains archaeological finds from the Neolithic Age to the Middle Ages.


Orari: 8:30/19:30   Chiuso il lunedì

Ticket price: € 2,00 Full; € 1,00 Reduced

Mare Versus - Canne della Battaglia